Texans Helping Texans


They say charity begins at home, but charity gets a lot of love from the game of Bingo, too! Since 1981, local Texas charities have received more than $1 billion in funding from Bingo. That’s billion with a B!  

Bingo provides money for about 1,000 non-profits in more than 130 counties across Texas. Fueled with that money, those organizations provide life-critical services to children, veterans, first responders and others within their local communities.

Without Bingo, many of our Texas neighbors and their communities would lose those important services and some non-profit organizations would probably have to close their doors to helping people. 

Texas Charity Advocates (TCA) was founded in 2005 with the purpose of spotlighting how Texans help Texans through charitable Bingo. TCA is an advocacy group working with charities, Bingo hall operators, regulatory agencies and Texas lawmakers.  

Learn more about Texas Charity Advocates and see a list of our members, including the charities we support.

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